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Name tags for school and nursery

My Nametags come in a fantastic range of designs and are great for personalising school, nursery and baby items. Thousands of schools and nurseries recommend us to their parents, to help reduce the amount of lost clothing. Our high quality labels and very high customer satisfaction rating makes My Nametags the logical choice for schools and nurseries.

  • Essential for labelling school uniform and equipment
  • Fun to use on nursery clothing and toys for pre-school children
  • Beautifully made labels, perfect for naming baby items
Everything you need for school

With a set of stickers, you can label everything from school uniforms, clothes and equipment, and it is so easy that even your child can do it! These stickers can stick on the washing labels of clothing as well as bags, shoes, books and everything else. Choose your colours and design on the name tags to make it personal. From pencil cases and calculators to water bottles and bags.

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Crehana PAFC,
20 May 2015, 14:56